Sunday Rundown: The week I was reminded about how amazing my city really is.



So this week  I saw how evil people can be but also how amazing they can be.  On Monday night, at the Manchester Arena, a suicide bomber killed 22 innocent people and injured many more.  I really have no words when it comes to trying to explain why a person would want to target innocent people at all, but especially a concert full of children and teenagers.  That Ariana Grande concert should have been one of the best nights of their lives, like so many concerts at the arena have been for myself, but instead it became one of the worst.  That type of evil is just indescribable and inexcusable.  However, the way the city banded together was something beautiful to come out of such a horrendous tragedy.   Free taxis, people taking in stranded children and relatives, the Queen visiting victims, poignant vigils and Ariana Grande herself organising a benefit… all of these things helped to reaffirm my faith in humanity.  I am absolutely devastated for my city and for the victims, their friends and their families, but I am also proud of the way Manchester has responded.  Shocked, shaken but never broken.  Obviously this has been on my mind a lot this week, so I thought instead of mentioning it by day in the rundown, I would just write a little something at the start.  I hope from the bottom of my heart that something like this never happens again in Manchester and that the terorists are aware that they cannot break our spirits or rob us of our hope.  In terms of myself this week, I shall keep it brief.

Monday: Not a very busy day music wise for me!

Tuesday: I went into college and worked on Alive again.  This time we recorded some guitar parts for the outdo (that I won’t actually be using it turns out!) and I wrote the lyrics for the final verse, which I have been meaning to do for ages!  I’m ready to put the vocals on next week, which is a great feeling!  Hopefully, I’ll have something to share soon!

Wednesday: I recorded my first loop cover at my keyboard.  I chose to do Charlie Puth’s new song ‘Attention’!  I’m actually a big big fan of this song as the bass line is so catchy!

I then had rehearsals for my gig on Friday in Chester, with my guitarist.  I then went for tea in Chester and had a little wander around!


Thursday: Thursday was the most exciting day of the week as it was the day the Poison video premiered!  It was featured on Indie Music Central and I was so happy as I’ve been waiting to share this for ages!  Think powder paint, drums and glitter….


It was also a sunny sunny day, so I decided to work on my balcony in bikini.  It’s funny how much a bit of sun can improve your day!


As usual, I made my Thursday Twenty playlist and here are the tracks!

Thursday Twenty:

Wonderwall by Ryan Adams – Manchester has obviously been on my mind a lot this week, so I wanted to include this song as it’s an amazing version of Oasis’s classic. It’s so emotional and felt really poignant after Monday’s tragedy.
Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld – This is my favourite track this week! Just such an amazing message about all girls being unique and not having to apologise for that!
I Was Wrong by A R I Z O N A (Robin Schulz Remix)
TiO by ZAYN – I surprised myself by liking this song as I’m not usually a ZAYN fan!
I’m In Control by Trinix
Deja Vu by Post Malone and Justin Bieber
Table for One by Liana Banks – Super catchy and cool and I love the independent vibe of the lyrics!
AM by Brooks Brown
May I Have This Dance [Remix] by Francis and the Lights (feat. Chance The Rapper) – I was recommended this song by my guitarist, Keenan, as he’s a massive Chance fan and I actually love it! It’s so chilled and the melody is beautiful! I love the fact it’s got an almost 80s Peter Gabriel vibe 🙂
Higher by Maximilian – This is gorgeous and full of intensity and understated drama. Amazing production and vocals!
Poison by Sally Caitlin – I decided to include my track Poison this week as the video has just premiered!
Come Back by Willie Shaw
Body Talk by Julius – I instantly loved this due to the ‘lime and the coconut’ reference… but it’s actually such a feel good song! Perfect for sunny summer days!
Crying in the Club by Camilla Cabello
Bad Liar by Selena Gomez – I’m a hugggeeee Selena fan.. so I was super excited when I saw she had a new song out. I’m so glad she’s stuck with the sultry vibe from Hands to Myself and Good For You… I love it!
I Like Me Better by Lauv – Such a fun song! I find the chorus gets stuck in your head for hours… a great sing-a-long one!
Not Ready by Naffz
Breathe by Lesko
One Last Time by Ariana Grande – I’ve always been very moved by this song and it was my favourite on the My Everything album. Now it has taken on a new meaning across the world as a tribute to the innocent victims of the Manchester attack and I think that’s amazing. I really hope it gets to number one in the charts and sends a message to terrorists that, although we will always mourn victims of their attacks and we will never forget, we will also never be broken and terror will never win.
Champagne Supernova by Oasis – This is my favourite Oasis song as I think the lyrics are beautiful. This pick is for the 22 that lost their lives, the injured, the families of those affected and my amazing city of Manchester.

Friday: I was performing my covers set at a lovely country restaurant in Macclesfield, called the Windmill.  It was very different to most of my gigs and a lot more chilled, but I really enjoyed singing there!

Saturday and Sunday:  I’m up in Scotland for Bank Holiday weekend!  I’m focusing on relaxing, hiking and hopefully getting some writing done!

Thank you for reading as always!  Next week should be exciting as I’ll be able to talk about my gig in Liverpool 🙂



New EP Release: Experiments!

Me and My Career

Check out my new EP, Experiments, which has just been released on all major retailers!  The Spotify Web Player link is below, so you can give it a play and follow me if you like it!

I’m extremely proud of this EP as I feel like it really sums me up as an artist and embodies the sort of music I want to make moving forward.  All the songs have their own videos, with the Poison video being the next one to be released… so keep your eyes peeled for that!  The EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and most other digital distributors… so go and have a listen and let me know what you think on Facebook.



New EP: Experiments – Sally Caitlin

Me and My Career

I’m so excited to announce that my new EP, Experiments, will be released on April 27th on all major digital retailers!  ‘Experiments’ will be comprised of five tracks, which I created with Mansfield-based ‘The Producers’, and will also include a bonus acoustic version of my single, Take It All.  I feel like this EP definitely sums up where I want to take the direction of my music and shows my range as a songwriter and an artist.

Experiments Cover

‘Experiments’ is essentially electronic pop, but my influences were very varied whilst I was writing, so there is a range of different moods and vibes on the EP.  As always, my main focus was on the lyrics, drawing inspiration from my own life to make them honest, raw and relatable.  There is a narrative that runs between the songs if the EP is listened to in order of the tracklist.  It tells the story of a character in a toxic relationship.  I have recently expanded on this narrative whilst recording my debut album, Chemistry, in order to fill in the blanks in the story and take the character further on their journey.

Due to the narrative aspect of the EP, I decided that all the tracks on ‘Experiments’ were all important and should, therefore, have a video each.  Whilst the videos don’t follow the narrative, they all draw inspiration from the lyrics in their respective songs and from the EP as a whole.  The videos will be released in order of the tracklist:

  1. Lead Me Down
  2. Poison
  3. Deja Vu
  4. Take It All
  5. You Are My Weakness
  6. Take It All (Acoustic Version)

with Lead Me Down being the only video that has currently been released, but the others will be following soon!

I cannot wait for Experiments to be released on April 27th and for everybody to get to hear it!  A lot of love and work has gone into all the songs on the EP, as well as the videos, so I am looking forward to as many people as possible listening to the story that I have to tell!  Listen to the singles, Take It All and Lead Me Down here!

Lead Me Down

Official Music Videos

Lead Me Down is the second single taken from my upcoming Experiments EP and is the first to get an official video.  This is definitely one of my favourite songs I have written and recorded as it feels really true to where I am in my life at the moment.  When I finished the EP, I realised that I had written a narrative running between the tracks because I had been writing about my own experiences.  For this reason I felt like all the songs were equally important and all should have videos to go with them.

The first two lines of ‘Lead Me Down’ are:

“The strobe lights flicker, lighting up your face,

I watch the patterns, watch the angles that the flashes trace.”

so when I was brainstorming ideas with the video production team, we decided it would be fun to play with lighting effects as the theme for Lead Me Down.  The video is centred around changes in lighting from strobes, to silhouettes and different colours.  The song is about meeting someone in a bar and knowing they are wrong for you but feeling like you want to be impulsive and ignore the voice of reason in your head.  The lyrics are about being reckless and doing something you know you shouldn’t do.  I think the video really captures the dark, sexy and mysterious vibe of the track and I’m extremely happy with the end result!

Check out the video on YouTube below, and Lead Me Down is available to buy/stream now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all other major digital retailers



Video shot, edited and produced by Cosmic Joke.


Me and My Career



I am very excited to be premiering the audio to my new single, Take It All, today! Take It All is the first single from my upcoming EP, Experiments, and kicks off the launch of my new sound!  The single is strongly influenced by commercial drum and bass, whilst keeping the pop vibe my music always has had… the result is a something with a little more edge and maturity than my last EP, but the same focus on lyrics and melody!

Take It All will be available to buy and stream on all major digital retailers on November 17th and available to pre-order on iTunes on October 20th.  I really hope you enjoy it and I look forward to sharing the official video soon!


iluvlive Manchester





In April 2016, I was lucky enough to be able to perform at the Fallow Cafe, Fallowfield, as part of the iluvlive Manchester showcase event.  This was a really amazing experience for me as it was the first time I had performed my original songs with a a live band.  The crowd was so friendly and supportive, so it was the perfect place to debut my newest single at the time, Not Stupid Anymore.  I felt extremely privileged to be performing alongside a group of extremely talented artists and to be invited to do such a great event!  Below is a video of me performing my first single, Stuck In Limbo, live at the event.




Call Me Whatever You Want

Official Music Videos

Call Me Whatever You Want was the single that I chose to use to promote the release of Not Stupid Anymore (The Deluxe Version) as it was so catchy and upbeat.  It was actually the first song that I ever professionally recorded so, for this reason, I chose to keep the imagery fairly simple and just focus on the lyrics and the message I wanted to get across.  The song is about finally having the courage to move on from a relationship and admitting to yourself that it is not working.  The concept of the person leaving not being ‘the bad guy’ but being the brave and selfless one is what I wanted to get across with this.  I felt that this was a slightly new perspective on a typical relationship milestone and something I wanted to explore.  The pink crumpled background in the video with the lyrics on top is almost like a goodbye letter that has been written and then discarded, which I thought was perfect for this song with its theme of a bittersweet farewell.

Falling Back Together Shots

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