My Upcoming Music Video

Me and My Career


I would like to talk about the video that is being planned for one of my songs at the moment!  The plan is to release a ten track EP consisting of both a house and garage remix of five of the songs I have written and this should hopefully be happening this summer.  It has been decided the lead track will likely be the house remix of a song I wrote called ‘Stuck In Limbo’, so a video is now in the works!

Stuck In Limbo is about a volatile relationship, which was going through a particularly rough patch, so I wanted a video that managed to get this story across.  I have been working on potential scripts with the producers of my EP and we have come up with a video idea focussing on a young couple in a relationship that is on the rocks.  In the video they will be shown at the start as disinterested in each other and unhappy, whilst contrasted against a loved up new couple.  As the video develops, the couple becomes further and further apart and this builds to a climax.  In the end the couple have the option to either fight for what they have and patch things up or to leave the relationship behind… and I will leave the ending to be revealed when the song and video are released.

The video will also have some art effects employed in order to intensify the feeling that the couple have lost their passion and their way.  The title ‘Stuck In Limbo’ refers to them being lost and not knowing whether the relationship can or should be saved.  The idea is to have a time lapse effect that makes it seem like the main characters are moving much more slowly than their surroundings to make them seem isolated and in ‘limbo’. The colour saturation of the video will be lower than normal too to give a dull and faded feel to the scenes in order to convey the loss of passion.

So excited to finally start planned things like videos and EP releases in order to try and realise my dream of being a singer as soon as I can! Below is a link to me performing the original version of ‘Stuck In Limbo’ in a studio in London.  Fingers crossed that I will be posting the finished music video on here next!


Not Stupid Anymore

Me and My Career

Not Stupid Anymore was the first song I decided to perform for my YouTube channel and it is still one of my favourites of my own compositions. When I wrote the song I was almost ranting on paper about how I felt about someone at the time and it was a release to just get it all out!

The story behind the lyrics is how no matter how hard you work to get over someone who is bad for you and no matter how hard you try to shut them out of your life, sometimes it can be impossible to let go of all your feelings for them completely.  It’s about feeling conflicted between the desire to forgive them when it seems like they have changed their ways and the need to turn them away in order to protect yourself from the inevitable fall out when they change back.  Ultimately I was trying to write a positive and upbeat pop song with a deeper message about the issues of breakups when there are unresolved feelings.

On my YouTube channel, Sally Caitlin, the video of this song is me performing a garage remix live in a studio in London.  I really hope you enjoy it…. so go check out Not Stupid Anymore!