Sunday Rundown: Final Mixing, Awards and Liverpool


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This week has been full of things coming together and me getting very excited about being able to share them at some point during the future!  From videos to new songs and new ways to stay in touch with you all, it’s been a week of progress!

Monday: On Monday, I was very excited as I watched the new video for Take It All for the first time and I was in love with it!  Such a simple concept, but with all the colours it made for an interesting visual and perfectly fit with the raw nature of the lyrics!  Can’t wait to share this at some point in the future but first it will be the video for Deja Vu, out at the end of July! 🙂

I also caught up on the admin side of everything, which included updating my registrations on PRS and PPL, researching blogs for targeting and contacting promoters about gigs.  In terms of musical things I continued writing for my upcoming collaboration and wrote some notes on the last mix of Alive.

Tuesday:  I gave myself a half day off on Tuesday to go and pamper myself in the spa! This was very much appreciated after a particularly busy few months!  I also got the recording and practise done for my Wednesday Cover!

Wednesday:  My final official day of college and the awards ceremony.  I won the Student of the Year Award for my course, which was a nice reward for all my hard work 🙂  I also finished the final mix for my track Alive and put a first master on… unfortunately the master isn’t quite right so I’m going to have to do some more mastering.  So close I can taste it though!

For my Wednesday Cover I chose ‘Wild Thoughts’ by DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson Tiller.  I’ve been playing this song pretty much on repeat since I first heard it, and instead of trying to recreate it with my loop set up, I thought I would try and put a completely different spin on it with a slow piano cover… Check it out!

Thursday:  On Thursday I wasn’t in a good mood at all, so I used that anger to motivate me and actually got loads done!  I watched some edits for videos I have coming up and sent feedback, set up my mailing list (SIGN UP HERE: and went to the driving range.

As it was Thursday, I updated my Thursday Twenty playlist on Spotify.  Due to my mood it ended up being songs to help me chill out!

  1. Come Down (feat. T.I.) by Anderson .Paak – Anderson .Paak is popping up at every festival at the moment and there is a lot of hype… I can see why!  Such a unique and vibrant sound in general and I love this track!
  2. Xhampagne (feat. Antwon) by Shy Girls
  3. Feel It Still (Ofenbach Remix) by Portugal. The Man – Definitely one of my favourites this week!  Got such a great vibe.
  4. Don’t Love Me (Salva Remix) by Janine
  5. Clearest Blue (Gryffin Remix) by CHVRCHES – Another favourite, such a chilled but intense feel to this one and I just love it!
  6. Worry by Jack Garratt
  7. I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young
  8. Too Good by Jasmine Thompson – Such a great version of a Drake song… somehow she made a song that isn’t usually that emotional feel a lot more so… beautiful voice too!
  9. Ribs by Lorde
  10. Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld – It’s impossible to be sad whilst listening to this.. it just oozes girlpower and makes me feel like I can pick myself up and brush myself off!
  11. Boris by Lo-Fang – I’m a Lo-Fang super fan, as I think he’s just a genius and his music is beautiful!  Boris is my favourite as I love the mix of sounds he uses when it all kicks in!
  12. Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez
  13. Passionfruit by Drake – I have a new love for this after hearing Paramore do it in the Radio One Live Lounge!
  14. All I Ever Do (Is Say Goodbye) by Zak Abel
  15. Death Wish by Terror Jr
  16. Save Yourself by Kaleo
  17. Beretta Lake (Listen2Liri Remix) by Teflon Sega –  Beautiful track and one of the ones I’m playing on repeat this week.  Such depth in the arrangement that just gets me every time!
  18. Come Together by Michael Jackson
  19. Coming off of You by COS&effekt
  20. Got You On My Mind by NF – I absolutely love NF as I think he always has something to say unlike a lot of rappers these days!  I love this song as it’s very personal and raw.


Friday:  Another admin day!  The main focus was looking into Spotify engagement and getting more fans on there.  I also finished writing the song for my collaboration and picked a song for a YouTube collab coming up!  Drinks in the evening to blow off some steam…

Saturday:  I went to Liverpool to visit my best friend for a chill day and night out!  We had a bit of a wander around the city, had a lovely tapas lunch and then went out to party in the evening!  Such a needed change of pace! 🙂

Sunday:  Sunday is always my day to look forward and make plans.  I have been looking at the finished videos I have and planning when to roll each one out, in a way that gives each one it’s time to shine.  I have also been looking at the finished album along with my stand alone tracks and trying to work out where to go from here!  Excited to share all the material I’m sitting on at the moment!

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