Behind The Scenes – Experiments EP Video Shoots


New EP: Experiments – Sally Caitlin

Me and My Career

I’m so excited to announce that my new EP, Experiments, will be released on April 27th on all major digital retailers!  ‘Experiments’ will be comprised of five tracks, which I created with Mansfield-based ‘The Producers’, and will also include a bonus acoustic version of my single, Take It All.  I feel like this EP definitely sums up where I want to take the direction of my music and shows my range as a songwriter and an artist.

Experiments Cover

‘Experiments’ is essentially electronic pop, but my influences were very varied whilst I was writing, so there is a range of different moods and vibes on the EP.  As always, my main focus was on the lyrics, drawing inspiration from my own life to make them honest, raw and relatable.  There is a narrative that runs between the songs if the EP is listened to in order of the tracklist.  It tells the story of a character in a toxic relationship.  I have recently expanded on this narrative whilst recording my debut album, Chemistry, in order to fill in the blanks in the story and take the character further on their journey.

Due to the narrative aspect of the EP, I decided that all the tracks on ‘Experiments’ were all important and should, therefore, have a video each.  Whilst the videos don’t follow the narrative, they all draw inspiration from the lyrics in their respective songs and from the EP as a whole.  The videos will be released in order of the tracklist:

  1. Lead Me Down
  2. Poison
  3. Deja Vu
  4. Take It All
  5. You Are My Weakness
  6. Take It All (Acoustic Version)

with Lead Me Down being the only video that has currently been released, but the others will be following soon!

I cannot wait for Experiments to be released on April 27th and for everybody to get to hear it!  A lot of love and work has gone into all the songs on the EP, as well as the videos, so I am looking forward to as many people as possible listening to the story that I have to tell!  Listen to the singles, Take It All and Lead Me Down here!

Lead Me Down

Official Music Videos

Lead Me Down is the second single taken from my upcoming Experiments EP and is the first to get an official video.  This is definitely one of my favourite songs I have written and recorded as it feels really true to where I am in my life at the moment.  When I finished the EP, I realised that I had written a narrative running between the tracks because I had been writing about my own experiences.  For this reason I felt like all the songs were equally important and all should have videos to go with them.

The first two lines of ‘Lead Me Down’ are:

“The strobe lights flicker, lighting up your face,

I watch the patterns, watch the angles that the flashes trace.”

so when I was brainstorming ideas with the video production team, we decided it would be fun to play with lighting effects as the theme for Lead Me Down.  The video is centred around changes in lighting from strobes, to silhouettes and different colours.  The song is about meeting someone in a bar and knowing they are wrong for you but feeling like you want to be impulsive and ignore the voice of reason in your head.  The lyrics are about being reckless and doing something you know you shouldn’t do.  I think the video really captures the dark, sexy and mysterious vibe of the track and I’m extremely happy with the end result!

Check out the video on YouTube below, and Lead Me Down is available to buy/stream now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all other major digital retailers



Video shot, edited and produced by Cosmic Joke.

Artist: Banks


It’s hard for me to properly emphasise how much I love Banks.  I listen to her music on repeat daily, I watch videos of her performing on YouTube, I hang off her every word when she is being interviewed… I’m just the ultimate fangirl.  What I love about Banks is that her music is dark and vulnerable at the same time.  There is something so honest about both the lyrics she writes and the way she delivers them, letting us see her strengths and weaknesses simultaneously.  I find myself relating to Banks’s music in a way that is rare for me.  I can listen to her no matter what mood I am in and despite months of constantly playing the tracks from ‘Goddess’ and ‘The Altar’, I have not found myself bored with a single song.


I recently just completed my debut album, Chemistry, and found that the songs I was writing towards the end of the recording process had more of an experimental side to them.  This edge is something that I would have to attribute to how inspired I felt after listening to Banks’s most recent album, The Altar.  In the past few months I have been through a lot of changes in my life, most of which have required me to toughen up and become more independent.  Songs like ‘Weaker Girl’, ’27 Hours’ and ‘Trainwreck’ became my anthems and really resonated with me during this period.  I love how cohesive the album is whilst allowing each individual song to have it’s own voice and message.  When you watch Banks in interviews, she is so intelligent in her answers but very softly spoken and incredibly sensitive, which almost seems at odds with her persona in songs.  Her songs are extremely emotional, but they are also dripping with power in the lyrics and production.  It is clear she has grown as both an artist and as a woman between the release of the debut album ‘Goddess’ and the release of ‘The Altar’.  Don’t get me wrong, ‘Goddess’ is also a fantastic album, with killer tracks like ‘Beggin For Thread’, ‘Stick’, ‘Waiting Game’ and ‘Brain’, however, I think ‘The Altar’ is even stronger as a complete body of work.  Both albums are incredibly creative and showcase how unique she is as an artist.

As I follow Banks on Spotify, I received an email today to tell me she has released a new single, Crowded Places.  Safe to say, I literally couldn’t wait to give it a listen.  Well I have now listened to it at least five times, and whilst I am a little surprised, I am not disappointed at all!  ‘Crowded Places’ oozes emotion and honesty like every Banks song and her captivating voice is highlighted beautifully.  The lyrics are raw, relatable and wonderfully clever.  The vocals and harmonies add meaning to the words and are simply stunning in parts.  The aspect of the song that I found unexpected was the production.  I always associate Banks with darker production and a real sense of drama, but ‘Crowded Places’ is much more mellow than her previous offerings.  The layers are still there, but there is a much lighter and softer feel to this song.  I find it similar in some ways to the newer material of another favourite of mine, London Grammar.  This more delicate track, whilst a little shocking, has grown on me with every listen and has left me very intrigued as to what the next album will sound like.  I can’t wait to get another email from Spotify notifying me about the next single.  The only thing better than getting my hands on the next Banks album would be getting myself some tickets to see her live, something I didn’t manage to do when she was in Manchester last month.  But with a new album comes a new tour, and this time I will definitely be there in the crowd singing along to every song.