New Single: Falling Back Together

Me and My Career


At the moment I’m in the process of promoting my second single, Falling Back Together, which will be released on 8th April!  I wrote this song quite a few years ago and I have always loved playing it at the piano. ‘Falling Back Together’ is actually my favourite of all the songs I have ever written, so I’m super excited to be able to share it with people.

As I write all of my own songs, they always have a personal story behind them, and Falling Back Together is no exception.

The track is about a couple that keep trying to leave each other but are always drawn back together.  At the start of the song the girl is trying to leave the relationship behind, but she knows that no matter how far she runs, she will always find herself in the same place.  They have such an intense relationship, with a connection that they just cannot shake, so no matter how much they fight and drift apart, they know that they can’t escape each other in the end.  

I guess it’s a love song, but a bit of a reluctant one!

The single will consist of the Original Mix of the track, along with House, Deep House, UKG and DUB House mixes.  I think the mixes are really great as they add a different vibe to the song and make it more upbeat and dancey! Below is the soundcloud link to the Original Mix… I hope you enjoy it!!


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