My Top Five Tracks This Week:07/12/15 -13/12/15



Thought it would be nice for me to share the music that I listen to to get me through the week 🙂  These are my favourite songs this week, not all new, just songs I have had on repeat to keep me in a good mood!

  1. Fast Lane – Rationale – Definitely the song I have had on repeat the most this week!  I absolutely love this track; it’s got such a chilled vibe and every time the chorus hits my mood is instantly lifted.
  2. Bad Blood – Nao – I could pick any Nao song for this list to be honest as I am a huggggeeee fan of hers, but Bad Blood is her newest single and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Such a unique voice and stunning production.
  3. WickedSkengMan 4 – Stormzy – Love a bit of grime when I’m stuck in traffic on the way to work!  I think Stormzy is such a great artist and this is my favourite of his songs as it’s really catchy and actually pretty funny in places too.
  4. Sorry – Justin Bieber – Felt like with this album being so huge I should put a track on the list.  The album is pretty good, not life-changing, but there are some very catchy songs on it with killer beats from Skrillex and team.  I think Sorry is the best song and it always puts a smile on my face!
  5. Forrest Gump – Frank Ocean – Got back into this song again recently and I just love it!  I’m a big admirer of Frank Ocean and I think Channel Orange is really amazing collection of songs, with Forrest Gump being just one of many that I love to listen to in the car!



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