Not Stupid Anymore

Me and My Career

Not Stupid Anymore was the first song I decided to perform for my YouTube channel and it is still one of my favourites of my own compositions. When I wrote the song I was almost ranting on paper about how I felt about someone at the time and it was a release to just get it all out!

The story behind the lyrics is how no matter how hard you work to get over someone who is bad for you and no matter how hard you try to shut them out of your life, sometimes it can be impossible to let go of all your feelings for them completely.  It’s about feeling conflicted between the desire to forgive them when it seems like they have changed their ways and the need to turn them away in order to protect yourself from the inevitable fall out when they change back.  Ultimately I was trying to write a positive and upbeat pop song with a deeper message about the issues of breakups when there are unresolved feelings.

On my YouTube channel, Sally Caitlin, the video of this song is me performing a garage remix live in a studio in London.  I really hope you enjoy it…. so go check out Not Stupid Anymore!


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